Saturday, 11 October 2008

5p was once a shilling.

three or five sweaty toe stains
-the other two maybe thithering hither
for a moment or
licked spotless by the rug-
leave their traces of the comedown
on shining surfaces
like my
laminate wood floorboards
under a mucky 5p coin

floating somewhere in the froth
of a day or two gone by
rope the undulating knots of
signature stamped walnut coding
cello-feigned oak and
plastic-coated cables

you see
the telly is unplugged and
by now it's much too dusty
the vacuum cleaner creaks unusedly
and desk lamps on empty chests hide their brilliance

an old biddy in the yard rakes piles of yellowed and fallen
lekky bills into bundles of kindling for later.